Blasting and hole plugging

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Blast holes of any diameter, orientation or depth can be plugged with FOAMPLUG™. FOAMPLUG™ can hold up to 3000 pounds of explosives in breakout holes. FOAMPLUG™ can be used to deck around mud seams or voids or to reduce scaled distance for vibration control. Underground, FOAMPLUG™ can be used as stemming, to retain emulsion in overhand holes or prevent debris infiltration on downholes. It can also be used to trim blast perimeter holes for improved ground control and safety.

Typical FOAMPLUG with outer bag Highwall pre-split with an air-deck using FOAMPLUG
Inserting FOAMPLUG for stemming underground Standard FOAMPLUG makes 15
FOAMPLUG mixed and rolled for insertion into horizontal drill hole FOAMPLUG in collar rock after blast
Improved fragmentation with FOAMPLUG stemming Expanded FOAMPLUG in collar of hole before blasting
Little bag makes lots of foam! Trim blast results at ANFO prices
"A" Component
"R" Component
Winter 2010
Fall 2010
"We routinely use PUF to lock culverts in place when stabilizing shaft collars or adit[...]"
-Joel Tigner, Batworks, LLC (full)
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