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EFS shaft bagsEFS bulkFOAMPLUGspray foam sealant (SFS)

24-005 is also available for hand mixing in 55 gallon drums. If you can access a site with pick-ups or other vehicles (or helicopters!) that can handle 500 pounds, savings are possible. The chemicals are mixed one to one (by volume) in two gallon batches, one gallon each side. Once combined and mixed the placement is very similar to using the shaft bags.


A and R drums set up to dispense Hand mixing combined A and R in a seperate bucket
Mike Kendall photo
Steel A and R drums being dropped in to a site
Mike Kendall photo


24-005 will also run through a typical plural system sprayer with minimal adjustments

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"A" Component
"R" Component
Winter 2010
Fall 2010
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