EFS shaft bags

EFS shaft bagsEFS bulkFOAMPLUGspray foam sealant (SFS)

Equipment-less Foam Sealant™, or EFS™, shaft bags are generally 1/3rd cubic yard, self-contained two-part bags of our flagship 24-005 system. This 100% water blown system contains no HFCs, CFCs or HCFCs and has a global warming potential (GWP) of 1. This size, weighing about 25 pounds when packaged, has proven over the years to be the optimum size for transportation, handling and mixing, including moving by back pack, pack animal or helicopter.

EFS™ is packaged in tough, thick, polyethylene bags, double sealed and packed in a protective shipping bag and then a 275 pound crush strength carton that exceeds NMFC regulations.


One cubic yard master box Three 1/3rd yard bags in master box Insert box and packing bag
Packing bag to protect Two-part, 1/3rd yard shaft bag  


EFS™ is mixed right in the bag, for about 30 seconds, then cut the bag and pour it out!



EFS™ bags can be stored at virtually any temperature and altitude, just keep them dry and out of direct sunlight. Caching EFS™ in the winter for spring/early summer use can greatly ease transportation costs

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