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FOAMPLUG™ is a liquid to solid drill hole plug or stemming.

FOAMPLUG™ works by expanding in the blast hole (nearly 30 times by volume), until the chemical packaging breaks. The foam is then expelled into the hole and adheres to the perimeter. A standard plug makes 15 inches of foam in any given diameter. This means an FP4 makes 15 inches of foam in a four inch diameter hole, etc. FOAMPLUG™ will take about one minute to mix and place and 10-15 minutes to harden to where it can support significant weight.

Basically, remove one plug from the shipping bag and unroll the outer bag. Now remove the external clip separating the two liquids. Open the outer bag, and flip inside out so the chemical bag is completely contained in the outer bag. Now tie on your drop line (if used) and mix by kneading with both hands for about twenty seconds. Once mixed, place in the hole, or lower to the proper depth and tie off. Horizontal and overhand holes do not require drop lines.



FOAMPLUG™ will react properly if placed on top of standing water. This may then allow you to load dry product. FOAMPLUG™ can be placed on top of emulsion to reduce stemming migration.

FOAMPLUG™ can also be placed immediately between a charge and the stemming to improve the gas seal and bridging. In this application, simply mix the plug and drop onto the charge, once you hear the plug pop (and you will!) add your stemming. The foam will rise into the stemming and create a matrix of foam and rock.

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