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Foam Concepts works with you to determine the right system, size, and package for your application. Then we build and fill the units using accurate and calibrated dispensing equipment. The single use, self-contained bags are then packed in a shipping bag to increase shelf life and minimize leakage, and finally boxed in 275 pound boxes that meet NMFC and UFC regulations.


Standard FOAMPLUG with outer bag FOAMPLUG rolled for packing FOAMPLUGs packed in shipping bag, usually two or five per bag


Foam Plug™ comes in standard sizes from 1" to 16" in diameter, as well as custom sizes.



EFS™ comes in two standard bag sizes as well as custom sizes, drums and buckets. Bags come individually boxed and three to a carton. A “shaft bag” expands to 1/3rd cubic yard, an RTZ75 expands to 1/6th cubic yard. Drum sets (two per set) make about 14 cubic yards.


One cubic yard master box Three 1/3rd yard insert boxes in master box Shaft bag in small, 24# box
Packing bag out of insert, always handle by the clip EFS shaft bag ready to mix  


Foam can also be shipped in 55 gallon drum sets for hand or machine placement and in 5 gallon buckets. Boxes are strapped and wrapped on to 42x42 pallets.


We also arrange shipping and secure some of the best rates in the industry. We pass this savings on in a pre-pay and add freight term (US and Canada). We can also act as the importer of record for Canadian customers.

Two full pallets of EFS-005C, 20 yards each, prior to stretch wrap


"A" Component
"R" Component
Winter 2010
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"Foam Concepts supplied PUF for much of the BLM SNPLMA reclamation project in Nevada."
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