PUF for geo-technical applications

Why use foam?PUF for geo-technical applications

Polyurethane foam, PUF, is a two-part, chemical system that reacts and expands to a design density. Foams can range from less than one pound per cubic foot (pcf) to more than 10 pcf. The foam also gets stronger and more rigid as the density increases (Compare strength vs density). Because of portability, our primary focus is pour systems, binary systems that start as liquids, progress to a gel, expand 30 to 1 by volume and solidify.

Foams can be either solvent blown or water blown. This refers to the reaction that makes the foam increase in volume. Foam Concepts specializes in water blown foams, but also has solvent blown and co-blown (both solvent and water) systems to meet your unique needs. Water blown is the easiest to use, and has the longest shelf-life.

Shelf life is essentially a function of humidity and storage. Kept in a dry, dark, stable place, "Equipment-less Foam Sealant™" or EFS™ and FOAMPLUG™ can last many months, even a year or more. Absolute temperatures are not a problem with EFS™ from Foam Concepts. In addition, our foam can be placed directly on standing water, a distinguishing feature compared to most polyurethanes.

Foam poured directly on water Foam can be poured directly on standing water

Foam Concepts products are very safe, non-volatile with low vapor pressures. The chemicals are not placable in quantities under 5000 pounds, and only the A component has an OSHA TLV.

"A" Component
"R" Component
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"EFS from Foam Concepts has been used for mine and subsidence closures in 28 states an[...]" (full)
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