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Our only product is helping to solve your filling and plugging problems.

FOAMPLUG™ can increase the pull and fragmentation of your blast holes.  Purposely designed packaging in sizes from 1” to 16” diameter, the plugs are used to stem and deck blast holes in both surface and underground mines. The plug can be used in any orientation (up hole, down, horizontal) and at any depth. You can also reduce overbreak, scaling and bolting using the Foam-Deck trim blast technique.

Because of the weight-to-strength ratio and highly portable nature of our Equipment-less Foam Sealant™, or EFS™, many state and federal agencies, as well as progressive mining companies, specify EFS™ as part of their mine closure designs. EFS™ can be used for full closures of shafts, adits, portals and raises. It can also be used to secure culvert bat gates into adits and shafts, including portals in seeping or failing ground.

EFS™ can also be used to seal and secure pre-cast concrete and to under form cast in place concrete.

Foam has a long history in void filling applications. Lightweight, highly expansive and with low expansion pressure, EFS™ can be placed under slabs, behind shotcrete and in a broad range of sub-grade voids such as tanks, lift stations, and around vaults and septic tanks. EFS™ is also an effective insulator for pipes, tanks and bio-reactors.

Ground sealing is another cost effective use of foam. Virtually impermeable, foam can be used to close subsidence cracks and sinkholes over mines and in karst. Because it is so light weight and portable, EFS™ can be carried and applied on steep ground such as slopes and rock dams. EFS™ can often be put in a subsidence feature before it becomes a large, un-manageable physical hazard. Foam can also be used to seal up acid producing rock and to shed or direct meteoric water to collection systems before it comes in contact with sulfides or other potential pollutants.

Foam Concepts also provides specialty systems for low temperature and low altitude applications, spray foams for void filling, and fire retardant pour systems.




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