spray foam sealant (SFS)

EFS shaft bagsEFS bulkFOAMPLUGspray foam sealant (SFS)

In addition to hand mixing in bags or buckets, many PUF systems can be applied with equipment known as sprayers or pumps. These plural dispensing units pump heated chemicals at high pressure to a gun which mixes and sprays out the foam. These chemical systems are usually very fast, rising and setting in seconds (as opposed to minutes with EFS). However, they do have some applications in adits, ground sealing, and pipeline work.

E-20 proportioner in trailer Spraying with air purge gun
Spraying foam onto footwall of adit Spraying perimeter of opening for good adhesion
Sprayed foam plug ready to backfill  
"A" Component
"R" Component
Winter 2010
Fall 2010
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